imageThe Matera B&B Association was born from a group of managers and owners of non-hotel accommodation facilities, united by a common idea of ​​cooperation and growth. There are many objectives that we have set ourselves, first of all that of giving importance to the human factor: the small associated structures (b & b, guest houses, holiday homes), in fact, stand out for the family environment that characterizes them and for an atmosphere friendly and cordial to share with guests.

In the structures, order, cleanliness, professionalism and respect for the rules are essential.
Staying together to create a sort of widespread hotel that respects certain quality standards has become necessary to further raise the level of hospitality in the city of Matera, especially in view of the prestigious goal of 2019, which will see it as the European Capital of Culture, and for all what will follow.

All the structures of the Association guarantee the guest a quality service and strictly comply with the rules laid down by the laws of the Basilicata Region regarding non-hotel accommodation facilities.