Join us: why join us

imageThe B&B Matera Association was created with the aim of providing managers with administrative and bureaucratic assistance, evaluating and entering into commercial agreements with suppliers, creating a quality label to guarantee users, sharing redundant reservations and giving the possibility of guarantee and increase the annual employment rate.

This last point has a twofold objective: to help each other, especially in the start-up phase, and to have a greater occupation of beds, and consequently to support customers in the search for extra-hotel solutions. The inspiring principles are those of sharing and logistic openness towards other structures.

At the same time, especially through this portal, it deals with the promotion and marketing of associated structures, in the interest of the managers and tourists themselves.

All the structures of the Association guarantee the guest a quality service and rigorously respect the rules provided for by the laws of the Basilicata Region regarding non-hotel accommodation.

The aim of the Association is also to obtain greater credibility and protection before the institutions, greater competitiveness on the market and to create a sort of single and large, diffused hotel capable of satisfying the requests of large numbers, also aiming for greater bargaining power with agencies and tour operators.

How to join

Download the registration form and information sheet of the structure, fill it in and forward it to: